AMZscout Review: Is It The Best All in 1 Alternative to Other Tools?

AMZscout Review
Our Verdict : Amzscout Review

AMZscout is very powerful tools for Amazon research. I have tried AMZscout services during their trial period and special access to their all tools. According to our research, we found some of the competitors were charging additional for chrome extension just to show to some additional information which can be provided absolutely free and included in one package.

  • Sales estimates
  • Revenue estimates
  • Keywords explorer
  • Sales history per year
  • 7 day free trial. No credit card Required
  • Speed of Chrome Extension is not fast

Are you Amazon Seller? Are you Amazon Affiliate publisher? Are you not earning as much as you are expecting. It means you are lacking at some point where your earning and traffic are just going waste. 

All your hard work either will be going in vain if you don’t have proper keyword research. Today we have done deep research on AMZscout review and will find out why this tool is a monopoly for their competitors.

AMZscout review

Amazon sales are booming right now. Amazon has hired more than 100,000 new workers and is planning to bring on 75,000+ more to handle the growing number of orders! This is an opportunity to grow with Amazon! Many people have realized the potential here and are pouring into e-commerce. 

It is worth going that people are still very price conscious given the uncertain Bees. This is why our all-in-one Amazon Seller’s Bundle that covers all sellers’ needs and is very affordable is hitting the market in the sweet spot and is way easier to sell than the companion.

Overview and Outline -AMZscout Review

Whether you are a beginner seller or have a fair amount of experience, you have to complete some essential steps to find a good product and get it delivered. And for each step, you need tools to support you. AMZScout has created a bundle that has you covered every step of the way.

amazscout review

  • Many beginners are overwhelmed by choosing their first product. They are afraid to lose money. Some never make the first move.
  • Are the niches you want to sell in doing well or are they going to eat up your investment? Many customers struggle with this question
  • If your ideas do not look profitable, how do you generate new ideas other than wait for a miracle? Which product in a niche should I sell?
  • Finding keywords relevant to your product to use for the list bullets, the description on, back-end keywords, and finally PPC campaigns.
  • Over 100,000 sellers have kicked off their business with AMZScout. It covers everything from looking for a product to PPC campaigns, reviews and making a profit!
  • Simply go to the product page and click PRO Extension of AMZscout, and you can instantly see Sales volume, Bestseller rank, Reviews, Number of sellers, Listing quality and other parameters you need to figure out whether the product is profitable.
  • Go to the AMZScout WebApp; it gives you instant access to 500,000 products that you can filter to pick a specific product that fits you. Use it like an idea-genera:ng machine with specific criteria; for example, only looking at product ideas within a $15-$60 price range.
  • Keyword Explorer and ASIN Keyword Lookup allow you to see your competitors keywords and find your own.
  • Keyword Tracker shows your product’s organic ranking for its keywords

Features - AMZscout Pro

AMZscout has many features which will help you to be a great seller and publisher. Beside this AMZscout Pro is another feature of this amazing tool. Basically AMZscout pro is a premium membership and most of these PRO features you will get benefit in AMZscout Chrome Extension. Let we discuss AMZscout Features In detail. 

How To Use AMZscout Tool ?

Performing product research is the key to making money and one of the best ways to become a successful Amazon seller or Publisher.

Easily search for profitable products and new trending items that will generate a profit for your business.

Analyze the level of demand and competition in the market to ensure you select the most profitable products.

Get reports on sales per month, reviews, cost, and more to determine what’s selling and what’s not.

Plans and Pricing

As we have already let you know about Amzscout chrome extension. AMZScout PRO Extension is a part of Amazon Seller’s Bundle. Now you will think about Amazon Seller Bundle. We will discuss below in detail about this bundle. AMZscout have 2 types of pricing and plans. PRO Extension and Amazon Seller Bundle. In PRO extension you will get an only premium extension but not included anything like exclusive Amazon insights, AMZscout seller course, keyword tracker and many more features. 

Comes With 7 days money back guarantee.
$ 44.99 /month
Comes With 7 days money back guarantee.
$ 49.87 /month

Save $123

Check Now


What Is AMZscout Amazon Seller Bundle?

This bundle is course oriented package which will help you to a successful Amazon seller. Amazon Seller’s Bundle will guide you through simple steps that will get you to this path. Get tools to base your product choice and marketing through concrete data.

  1. Learn how to find a profitable product
  2. Find and validate profitable product ideas to identify a product worth selling with WebApp Product tracker, WebApp Product database, FBA Calculator and PRO Extension
  3. Get guaranteed niches and products with extremely high potential delivered to you every week. This is an AMZScout exclusive feature, only available with an annual subscription.
  4. Get guidance on sourcing your product and opening an Amazon account with AMZScout Seller’s Course and PRO Extension
  5. Find the best keywords for your listing and PPC campaign to attract customers, with WebApp Keyword Explorer and WebApp ASIN Keyword Lookup
  6. Stay ahead of the market. Monitor the effectiveness of your PPC, and keep an eye on the competition to respond to any listing or pricing changes!

The Amazon Seller’s Bundle has all the tools and know-how that you need to launch and grow your Amazon business as a seller or publisher by promoting Amazon products. look at the journey to profit!


Some of the main topics are:
  • How to find a profitable product
  • Finding suppliers and private label products
  • Listing and PPC marketing campaigns
  • Other aspects of selling
AMZscout Review: Is It The Best All in 1 Alternative to Other Tools? 1

Get to know trends, sales volume, and quality of competition to be fully ready to succeed.

AMZscout Review: Is It The Best All in 1 Alternative to Other Tools? 2
  • Sales volume
  • Bestseller rank
  • Reviews
  • Listing quality
PRO Extension instantly shows you if a product niche is profitable or not. This drastically cuts the amount of research that is needed. 
Only with an annual subscription. Every month you will receive 2 niches and 2 products that are the absolute strongest out of 50,000 niches. So once a week you’ll get a product or a niche that is in the top 1% of opportunities in their category!
Not all products in a profitable niche are equally valuable. Some are too bulky, outside the optimal price range, or simply too heavy.
AMZscout Review: Is It The Best All in 1 Alternative to Other Tools? 3
AMZscout Review: Is It The Best All in 1 Alternative to Other Tools? 4
Sellers often think it is tricky to source products.
So, you have selected a fantastic product! Congrats, now you’ve got to source it.
With the PRO Extension, you can click on “Alibaba” and it will take you to a sourcing website specifically for the products you are looking at!

Bottomline of AMZscout Review

We have covered full details and features in AMZscout review. With thi tool users can get Get the best niches out of 50,000 and highest potential product out of 100,000 products monthly!


If you have anything to ask/comment or something which i missed, must comment below to help out other users.


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