10 Best Smartwatch For Men In USA | Android and IOS

Last Updated on 7th February 2022

Are you looking for the Best Smartwatch for Men in the USA? Nowadays, a number of the most simplistic smartwatches are available in the retail market. It’s like a number of Smartphones available in the retail market.

The reason behind saying this is because smartwatches are like a sister of smartphones these days. Everyone love advance tech gadget like Mobile and Laptop. Smartwatches are the next-gen electronic gadget you should check this year.

The good specifications and smart features make these smartwatches techy and more beautiful gadgets these days full of smart features.

Best Smartwatch For Men In USA

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What is Smartwatch?

smartwatch is a wearable Small computer device in the form of a watch. it is wearing like a traditional time watch but functionality is totally different. It is today’s modern smartwatches that provide a touchscreen interface for daily use.

Some watches function as portable media players or with FM radio. It is very helpful in the playback of digital audio and video files via a Bluetooth enables headset or smartphone.

Many watches have mobile cellular functionality like making and receing calls. Many watches backlit LCD or OLED and they are generally powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. 

These Smart Watches have more general functionality very closer to smartphones, a mobile operating system and WiFi or connection with Bluetooth. Most watches are very helpful in Heart Rate Monitoring, Fitness Tracking, GPS Tracking and Sleep Tracking. Most watches works smoothly with Google Assistant.

What to Examine When Buying a Smartwatch

What to Examine When Buying a Smartwatch

Price: Many watched companies offer a good price tag but many watches offer fewer features in watches. So don’t mess sp much with such watches. Always make your choice perfect.

Size: Always look for a good size that is easy to fit on your wrist. Always see this factor before considering these awesome gadgets. Watch face size should not be so big.

Battery Backup: You are planned to go for a morning walk. But on the way, you come to know that your smartwatch battery has gone dead. You have to choose a good battery backup smartwatch. It is the best idea to think of a Smartwatch with a minimum of 12 hours of battery life.

Water Proof: Making a mood to buy a smartwatch for you. But Before making a decision for a watch check the device is fully waterproof or not. These days maximum devices come waterproof. If you love swimming you can consider Swim Proof Smartwatch.

Features: Your smartwatch has good analytics and a lot of features including your step count, heart rate and sleep tracking features. The charging feature will be very good as it should be full in a single charge. The fitness tracker is the most important factor which you can consider. These days if you are a health-conscious person.

Style: The world is trendy. Stylish products look gorgeous in front of people. If I go for purchasing any digital product, I will always consider stylish products instead of traditional looking products.

Best Smartwatch For Men In USA

10 Best Smartwatch For Men List and Prices

So if you’re looking to urge a Smartwatches this year for yourself or a gift to someone special. We have listed the 10 simplest and one of the Best Smartwatch for Men.

You can check and consider the list below i.e. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, Apple Watch Series, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, Fitbit Versa, Ticwatch pro. This is the perfect smartwatch for both IOS and Android users.

1. Apple Watch Series 6Track your 7 types of daily activitiesCheck Price on Amazon
2. Garmin Vivoactive 4Good Android Smartwatch For MenCheck Price on Amazon
3. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3Advanced Health MonitoringCheck Price on Amazon
4. Polar UniteWrist Based Heart Rate TrackingCheck Price on Amazon
5. AmazFit BipAll-Day Heart Rate TrackingCheck Price on Amazon
6. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2Health Monitoring and Long BatteryCheck Price on Amazon
7.  Fitbit Versa LiteAmazon Exclusive Color, 24/7 Heart RateCheck Price on Amazon
8. Honor MagicWatch 2 5ATM Waterproof, 14 days Battery LifeCheck Price on Amazon
9. TicWatch E25ATM Waterproof, 24h HR Monitoring Check Price on Amazon
10. Fossil Gen 5Stainless Steel, HR, Contactless PaymentsCheck Price on Amazon
Note: Please note this all devices are not intended for diagnosis of any disease or cure.

7 Best Smartwatch For Men You Can Buy (Feature and Pros, Cons)

  1. Daily Activities: Track your 7 types of daily activities.
  2. Workout Modes: Running, swimming, Yoga, Cycling, dance or else anything you are into and you can start measuring.
  3. Go Deep: Know your health on a deeper level. Comes with integrated Blood Oxygen, ECG App and Seep app.
  4. Command Centre: Comes built-in GPS + Cellular model. You can call, text, and get directions without your smartphone.
  5. Retina Display: When your wrist is down coming built-in 2.5x brighter outdoors. It easy to see your watch face even wrist is down.
  6. Battery Life: Comes built-in up to 18 hours of battery life on regular usage
  • 7 Types of Activities to track
  • High and Low heart rate notifications
  • 40mm or 44mm Apple watch case
  • The built-in Fall detection system
  • Supports full family setup
  • 24/7 Apple priority support
  • Accidental damage coverage
  • 32GB Capacity
  • Bluetooth 5.0 compatible
  • Battery backup might get disappoint you
  1. Daily Activities: Keep track of your daily activities like energy level, Pulse ox, respiration, stress, sleep, estimated heart and hydration.
  2. Smart Notifications: Inbuilt notification panel to receive email or text directly in your watch if it connected with a smartphone. Respond if you have an android device with you.
  3. For Music Lover: You can download songs on your watch including Spotify, Deezer and Amazon music account.
  4. Safety and Tracking: Watch will send your location to your feed contacts in case there is an incident with you. Mobile will be connected that time to activate that feature.
  5. Gramin Pay: Comes inbuilt with Gramin Pay for easy contactless payments.
  • Easily Connect with IQ store
  • Battery life for Up to 8 days & 6-7 hours in GPS and music mode
  • Easily download song feature in your watch
  • Keep an eye on 24/7 Health monitor
  • Engaging animated workouts for watch screen
  • Personal running coach absolutely free for up to 10 or 5k
  • Accurate GPS tracking
  • Little buggy and bloat
  • Only one sleep event per day
  • Unable to identify different sleep modes
  1. Super AMOLED: Comes inbuilt with a super AMOLED screen which is a very crisp and clear view. 360 x 360 Super AMOLED.
  2. Battery Backup: The 44mm version comes with 56 hours (2.33 days) while the 41mm version comes with 43 hours (1.79 days).
  3. Choose Style and Colour: Available in different colour and style i.e. Two sizes, three colours, and 50,000 watch faces.
  4. Fitness Tracking: Tracks 7 types of fitness level i.e. Swimming, Cycling, running and more.
  5. Durability: Comes with Military Grade durability and safety
  6. Better Sleep tracker: Comes built-in better insights for Meditation, Stress, Sleep and Breathe.
  7. Water-resistant: No damage in the water, fully water-resistant.
  • Premium design with Rotating bezel
  • Advanced Health Monitoring
  • Emergency detector
  • Hard Fall Detector feature
  • Monitor Heart rate and oxygen level
  • Samsung Pay for easy pay
  • Android/IOS compatible
  • 8GB Memory
  • Price on the higher side
  • Battery backup on Music and GPS is very less, It could be good
  1. Battery Life: Comes built-in 50 hours of battery life
  2. Better Sleep Tracker: Comes built-in Better sleep tracking and insights
  3. Better Connection: Comes to built-in Nike+ Run Club and Adidas Running by Runtastic and more).
  4. Connected GPS: Built-in Better GPS Connection and tracking.
  5. Watch Faces: It has many watch faces with colours.
  6. Smart Notifications: Get phone notifications directly on your watch.
  • FitSpark training guide
  • Wrist-based Heart Rate
  • Better Sleep Tracking
  • Waterproof Fitness Watch
  •  50 hours of battery life
  • Great Design
  • Connected GPS via mobile phone
  • Battery drains very fast
  • Cannot track your weight 
  1. 45+ Days Battery Life: Comes 190mAh built-in great battery with backup up to 45 days.
  2. Smart Notifications: Inbuilt notification panel to receive incoming phone calls, SMS messages, emails. Other apps such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp notifications in watch directly.
  3. Touch Display: Comes with a great touch 1.28” inch display with a resolution of 127 x 127.
  4. Heart rate monitor: Great heart rate monitor with heart rate per minute (bpm). You need to wear a watch before sleep.
  5. GPS+GLONASS Positioning: Up to 22 hours GPS+GLONASS Positioning.
  • Battery Life up to 45+ Days
  • 2.5D Corning glass
  • Comes with Anti-fingerprint coating
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Heart Rate Tracking
  • Multi-Sport Tracking
  • GPS + GLONASS Enabled
  • Feels very durable
  • Users reported as Pulse and fitness metrics are inaccurate
  •  No real app
  1. Better Fitness Goal: It automatically tracks your most popular activities like Cycling and swimming.
  2. Manual Activity Tracking: Galaxy watch active2 Comes built-in feature for manual tracking for additional exercises.
  3. Sleek & Comfortable: It is very comfortable to wear anywhere. It comes in two variant Aluminum and stainless steel.
  4. Variety of faces: It comes with many pre-built different kinds of faces.
  5. Heart Rate Monitor: It comes with a very good and accurate heart rate monitor.
  6. Sleep rate tracker: Accurate tracker for mediation, stress, breathe and sleep.
  • Fully compatible with Samsung Galaxy Phones
  • Long battery backup in continuous usage for 1 day or more
  • Detects high or low rate heart rate
  • Samsung Pay enabled
  • Stream top apps like Spotify and YouTube
  • Make and take calls directly on the watch
  • Android or IOS compatible for both OD
  • 4GB Memory + Crisp 360 x 360 Super AMOLED display with rotating bezel
  • A user reported: Wrong calories calculated
  • Limited relationship with IOS (iPhone)
  1. Built-in GPS: Comes built-in GPS to track your run, bike, hike phone-free and see your real-time pace.
  2. 90-Days Fitbit Premium Membership: It unlocks premium membership and features like personalized insights and advanced analytics.
  3. Stay Motivated: You can mix up your workouts and routine with hundred of workouts from the Fitbit Plus app.
  4. 24/7 Active Heart Rate Monitor: Comes built-in 24/7 heart rate motion with a better estimate of calorie burn.
  5. Better Sleep Track: Comes built-in better sleep track and help you to achieve a better sleep score.
  • Voice Assistant supports Alexa and Google
  • Long 6+ Battery backup
  • 12 Minutes of Fast charging
  • Hundreds of apps & clock faces
  • 24/7 Heart rate monitor
  • Built-in GPS enabled
  • Store and play music
  • 50m water resistance
  • Text, call & app notifications
  • Tracks activity & sleep
  • Requires additional subscription for store and play music
  • Cannot add local music
  • Complain in heart rate accuracy
  1. AMOLED Display: Comes with a 1.39-inch AMOLED display and 454 x 454 resolution at 326 PPI.
  2. Battery Life: Good battery backup of 14 days, if you don’t like charging every time your watch.
  3. Workout Modes: Built-in 15 workout modes and multiple professional training courses for better tracking your activity.
  4. Heart Rate Monitoring: Great heart rate monitoring feature generally comes in many watches and adds up new functions i.e. Blood Oxygen Monitor.
  5. Life Assistant: Alerts based mechanism on the transmission of instant messages, phone calls, SMS and emails directly from your phone.
  • Highly accurate touch response
  • 14-Day Long Battery Life
  • 15 Goal-Based Workout Modes
  • SpO2 and Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Bluetooth Calling
  • Better Music Playback & Control
  • Comes with Personalized Watch Faces
  • Better Stress Test monitor
  • Remote Phone Finder
  • Accuracy of heart rate
  • No option to download watch faces
  1. Waterproof: Comes with an inbuilt 5 ATM Waterproof feature with which you can swim up to 50 meters deep with this watch.
  2. Full android support: With one click you can download any android from the Google play store.
  3. Instant Connection: You can receive an instant notification either it is a call or any message on your phone directly on your watch.
  4. GPS Enabled: Comes built-in GPS enabled for better navigation while you running and cycling.
  5. Fitness Buddy: It is your best fitness buddy which very helpful in running, swim style track. Very good 24 hour Heart rate monitor.
  • Swim style detection
  • Awesome Stroke count
  • Waterproof 5 ATM
  • Hundreds of Watch Faces
  • Built-in Google play support
  • 512 MB RAM / 4GB ROM
  • Up to 2 days of battery
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Battery backup could be better
  • No US Military Standard 810G
  • No Sleep Tracking
  • No NFC Payment
  1. Battery Backup: 24 Hours+ multi-day battery life. It can charge 80% under 1 hour.
  2. Case Size: It has a 44millimiter case size with 22-millimetre band size and Fossil 22 millimetre bands which are replaceable.
  3. Better Performance: It has Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 platform which helps deliver high performance and superior quality Connection and smart features.
  4. Smart Notifications: It has inbuilt notifications for text and calls.
  5. Google Assistant Enables: Smart features like Google assistant helps you to respond through your speaker.
  • Track your fitness with top health apps
  • Different battery modes
  • Google Assistant feature
  • Enabled Google Pay
  • Google Fit
  • Answer direct to calls from your wrist
  •  8 GB of storage & 1 GB RAM
  • Heart Rate Tracking
  • Heart Rate Tracking
  • Heart Rate Tracking
  • Microphone & Speaker fixed
  • On heavily usage battery no longer sustain
  • Speaker is not good

FAQ – Best Smartwatch For Men

  1. Do Smartwatches need data plans?

    Ans. No, Smartwatches don’t need data plans. If any watch is standalone in that case we need separate data plans. They also need the latest 4G LTE support.

  2. Do Smartwatches require a SIM card?

    Ans. If your watch connects to your phone in that case you don’t require any sim card. But if you have the standalone watch in that case you need a separate sim card.

  3. Can I leave my phone at home and use my Samsung watch?

    Ans. Yes, You can do that. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G allow their users to use a 4G connection without their phone with you. They can leave their mobile at home and can use the Samsung watch.

  4. Can I leave my phone at home and use my Galaxy watch Active 2?

    Ans. Yes, You can use it. But it is just limited to track your activity like climbing a mountain (tracking) or exercise.

  5. Does an Apple watch need a data plan?

    Ans. If you want to use an inbuilt cellular feature you have activated a data plan for that.

  6. How do I install Google Play on my smartwatch?

    Ans. The most smartwatch has inbuilt installed Google play app. But if your watch hasn’t that app you can follow steps to install it:
    1. Tap on the screen to wake it up.
    2. Press the Power button.
    3. Scroll to go app page and tap Play Store.
    4. You’ll be signed in with your personal Google Account.
    5. Now Scroll and look for the “Apps on your phone” section and search for Google play.
    6. Tap Install to download the app.

Summary: Best Smartwatch for Men

Smartwatches are becoming more famous as compared to previous years. It is the main device used by many people these days after the mobile device.

In upcoming years, it will be more famous. Every man and woman will love to wear this awesome gadget for health tracking. Many users use these watches to keep an eye on their overall health and heart rate.

The above list of Best Smartwatch for men are not limited to men, even women or kids can use them. will surely help you to choose the best watch over time. All watches have a good rating and good features to check on.


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