Cloudways Review – 5 Ugly Truth About Cloudways Hosting

Sometimes simple and old fashioned hosting not provide you value. Old fashioned hosting sometimes takes your business down. So we have done good and deep Cloudways review. In the you can conclude about to join this host or not. We have personally tested this and have taken out awesome results. In the overall test, we found Cloudways always Up and running with high-speed performance.

Are you interested to see that results and our deep research? Keep engaging with this review, in the end, you can conclude own view Cloudways hosting.

Cloudways review

Not interested to read all review details below? No Issue. See below our final summary.

Do we recommend Cloudways hosting? Yes, 100% we do 

Bottommost: Cloudways is managed cloud hosting platform with 5 top cloud web-based data centers. Cloudways hosting is very useful for big enterprises sites and websites who are looking for reliability and stability cloud server. Cloudways support 24/7/365 always for you. Their 3 days Cloudways free trial just to test their server without asking for your card details and I guarantee, you will never regret after seeing result over their performance. Cloudways WordPress will be the best possible combination for your website.

But how we concluded that. let see below in details Cloudways review

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Pros & Cons of Cloudways Hosting - Cloudways Review

  • Online Ticketing – You can create as many complicated tickets their experts will solve out your query instantly. Within two hours you will get a response.
  • Server Configuration & Customization – Ask Cloudways experts to deploy PHP, custom packages or any change in server.
  • 24/7 Award-Winning Support – In-house WordPress expert with U.S chat support system available.
  • Private Stack Channel – Cloudways premium support lift you out from ticketing or chat system. You will be a member of premium and expert engineers.
  • Dedicated Platform – All servers are launched on cloud base has dedicated resources. Cloudways just work on a dedicated platform no issue about the shared platform.
  • Cloudways Backups – No more tension about backups daily automatic easy backups with every plan included.
  • SSD Based Hosting – SSD makes 3x faster your performance and reduces load time for your dynamic websites.
  • Cloudways SSL Certificate – Now make your site more secure, stable and remain in google up the ranking.
  • PHP 7 Ready Servers – Cloudways are optimised server for PHP and always ready for your PHP sites.
  • CloudwaysCDN – Cloudways has own CDN network to provide you stable and reliable performance.
  • Cloudways WP-Cache Plugin – Cloudways has developed own in house cache plugin. It is pre-installed on your server.
  • Pre-configured PHP-FPM  – PHP-FPM dramatically increases your PHP loading speed with a much faster process.
  • Dedicated Firewall – Cloudways servers are protected with OS-level dedicated firewall that filters out malicious traffic from your server.
  • Two-factor Authentication – TFA is an advanced technology to keep hacker or intruder to keep away from your hosting account and server.
  • Support for all PHP Apps – Cloudways dedicated to PHP and all PHP applications are supported.
  • No Long-term Contract – No contract or money back policy just simply use Pay as you go plans. Cloudways has two types Hourly or monthly as per your requirements.
  • CloudwaysBOT – Smart AI-based system will notify for all about your real-time performance insights.
  • WP-CLI pre Installed – Now control WordPress sites with pre-installed WP-CLI commands.
cloudways review
  • Support for all Apps – Not all programming apps support.
  • Access to File Manager – No access to file manager.
  • Cloudways Pricing – Price may be high for many users but it dedicated server so can be fit.
  • Multisite SSL – Limited SSL access to multi-sites.

Cloudways Overview, Speed & Performance

1. Overview

Cloudways is one of the most managed and dedicated cloud hosting platform. Dedicated platform means faraway from normal shared servers. Cloudways hosting has custom advanced varnish settings. Powerful Cron Job manager and  1 click stop app. Cloudways affiliate comes with powerful earning potential with Slab & Hybrid.

Cloudways login process is too easier with so many integrated social and web networks. If I talk about Cloudways Vs Siteground, 100% I will go with Cloudways managed server.

cloudways review

PLEASE NOTE: Our observations like speed and performance measured on our own custom domain i.e. for 3 Days on their trial version of hosting

2. Speed & Performance

If you are using cloud dedicated server so no doubt about speed and performance. We have tested Cloudways server on GTmetrix, Bitcatcha & Uptimerobot for speed and performance. Getting A+ mark in speed and performance is not a small thing for any company.

To test Cloudways we hosted 1 of our domain( on Cloudways server and check performance, speed, uptime & downtime. We got performance & Speed score A+ & A(99%) respectively. Till our testing we didn’t note any downtime.

cloudways review
cloudways review
cloudways hosting

Hosting Plans (Features & Breakdown) - Cloudways Hosting

1. Hosting Plans & Features

Cloudways hosting has specially and dedicated for PHP application like WordPress, Jumla or any PHP platform you want to host. It has full integration with PHP apps.

Cloudways hosting has flexible and transparent pricing with 5 cloud datacenters.

  1. DigitalOcean – $10 per month
  2. Linode – $12 per month
  3. Vultr – $11 per month
  4. AWS – $36.51 per month
  5. Google cloud – $33.30 per month

Higher the plan bigger the features you get. When you take any plan with Cloudways you will get Extra Ram, CPU, Storage & bandwidth according to a cloud server and their price. All other features you will get the same in every cloud server plan you will choose, so in that selection, there is no confusion. As you grow higher more bucks you have to spend for higher plans. Every plan has 4 different plan associated with every datacentre.

If you want to try their service, you will get 3 days absolutely free. No credit card details required. Check with below promo & get $15 additional sign up bonus.

Cloudways Promo code

5 Ugly Truth About Cloudways Hosting

  1. Cloudways has exclusive 5 datacenters, so you have the choice to choose the server according to your need and budget.
  2. Transparent pricing no hidden cost even no contract like another host. Pay as you go plans. Pay by hourly or monthly rates, not any yearly burden.
  3. No limit upto which level you want server enhancement. If you think that plan you have taken is of low server rate can not handle your server resources, you can take higher as per your website resources usability.
  4. You have direct control over your server and applications you have installed.
  5. With Cloudways , changing the root of any application is very easy.

Conclusion: Is Cloudways Dedicated Cloud Hosting really worth to purchase for you?

Now after reading a detailed review you might be wondering if Dreamhost Hosting is the right choice for you?

Cloudways is no doubt a good cloud-based hosting platform. With a managed server like Cloudways, you can just host your website no need to worry about performance and speed. Premium support with quick resolution to your query is enough for any platform to become #1 in hosting niche.

Cloudways Hosting

Have made plan to go with Cloudways Hosting?

Cloudways Review

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