Doodly Review – Why You Must Experience Doodly Whiteboard At Least Once In Your Life?

Doodly review

Whiteboard animation on these days are becoming popular day by day, many YouTubers using this method for their presentation by using whiteboard animation. let we see today in this detailed Doodly review. Where we will cover all topic regarding whiteboard animation popularity, Doodly software review and why you should use it? let’s begin.

What is the whiteboard animation? Why whiteboard animation? what is general process and mediums for creating such videos? and how it will impact your ideas or businesses? 

What is whiteboard animation & Why you should use whiteboard animation?

In simple words, whiteboard animation is a process in which any writer/Author physically or by using any software draws an illustration on any board attached with a computer or in any whiteboard software to record their illustration. Every illustration drawing consists of a script, in which everyone draws consist of some time.

In general whiteboard animation refers to a detailed presentation that uses a process of creating or drawing pictures on the whiteboard on a sequence way to playback an animation video

That whiteboard illustration is commonly used by big brands for their tv commercials, any individual or any agency to showcase their representation. Whiteboard animation is an engaging way to keep engaged any user/buyer or any consumers in any way. Youtube has become a very popular platform to showcase your talent through whiteboard videos.

Doodly software

What is general process and mediums for creating whiteboard videos?

Every topic consist an content, like you are reading here. Choose an topic, write an script. Now after completion of script its time draw an rough illustration on whiteboard according to your script. Once all done start creating final illustration on whiteboard. There is some necessary steps you have to follow. 

  • Start composing your content.
  • Now organize every single draw according to your script.
  • Add your voiceover or add any suitable background music.
  • Export your video.
  • Start sharing your talent.

Making whiteboard animation is not much difficult, will discuss very easy to use Doodly software to make videos and will discuss below why doodly?

What Is Doodly? Why Doodly? - An Detailed Doodly Review

Doodly is a handy whiteboard animation maker software, on which anyone can create videos. What you know why Doodly? Doodly software has very user-friendly interface even a very beginner can access their dashboard and navigate easily. Much professional uses this software for their explainer videos and many for their own purpose. It’s a very perfect software just get this software open it and be ready for making your illustrations.

Doodly review
Doodly review

Doodly Features

No limit to create Whiteboard, Blackboard, Greenboard and even Glassboard videos doodle animation videos. You have to select just an image, click on it just drag and drop to canvas and Doodly software will automatically draw the image for you and it couldn’t be any easier like that.

Doodly review

New features i.e. Smart Draw Technology allows you to draw any image in seconds with the all automatic process. This technology will create point-and-click custom draw paths allowing users to draw any and all images user upload yourself.

Doodly review

Large selection of male and female hands for your illustration. You can use tens of hands in any male or female choice for your doodle.

Direct option to record and add voiceover to any video and also you can set according to your doodle illustration. Also, you can import any video which you want to use in your video.

No worry about to sketch your images from scratch. Doodle Software has by default 200 characters with 20 different poses each, besides you will get 20 different background scenes and 100s of props and assets covering any topic.


Option to add background music in your timeline, adjust according to shown time in your video of that music.

Doodly review


No Limit on any System you can use Doodle software on many computers you want to use.

Export your videos in MP4 format and up to full 1080p HD with 24-60 fps.

Addons - Doodly Software

Doodly Pricing & Support

Extra Bonus: Use Toonly for Presentation (Explainer Videos)

So the final bonus is Toonly. But why I am mentioning Toonly here as I am talking about Doodly? The reason behind to mention this is a strong reason. Doodly is a Video Editing Software while Toonly is Presentation (explainer) software. But you will be amazed when you will use both as a combination for your project, result might be shocking and very engaging for your business. Explainer videos are high leading conversion and are much engaging to users. What types of projects where you can use Toonly? let see.

Doodly Review – Why You Must Experience Doodly Whiteboard At Least Once In Your Life? 1
  1. Reduce your bounce rate by using explainer videos on the homepage or on landing pages.
  2. Use on Facebook advertising to generate leads.
  3. Use explainer videos to engage users on social media platforms.
  4. 21st century is not for PowerPoint presentation, Use emotion, storytelling & engaging character for your sale videos.
  5. Use explainer video to represent your startup for Crowdfunding.
  6. Using of explainer videos on product pages might lead to sales generation.
  7. Explainer animation videos can be used as an attachment in emails.

Conclusion: Is Doodly really worth to purchase for you?

Now after reading detailed review you might be wondering if Doodly is right choice for you?


Have made plan to go with Doodly?


Intersted to give an try to Toonly?

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