Dreamhost Review – Want To Step Up with Dreamhost? You Need To Read This First

Dreamhost Review – Want To Step Up with Dreamhost? You Need To Read This First
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$2.59/M See Deal
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Dreamhost hosting no doubt is an incredible host. Dreamhost hosting is specializing in WordPress hosting and one of the top 3 recommendations by WordPress.org. Today we will share an incredible tip and Dreamhost review,whether you should join Dreamhost Hosting?

Dreamhost is masters in WordPress technical issues. Dreamhost has award-winning in-house support staff is available to you via live chat, email, and social media. So no more worries about your WordPress technical issues.

Not interested to Read all review details below? No Issue. See below our final summary.

Do We Recommend Dreamhost Hosting? Yes, we Do 

Does WordPress Ofiicialy recommend Dreamhost as preferred host? Yes, WordPress Do

Bottommost: No Doubt Dreamhost Hosting is the most reliable hosting and their chat support or mail support very quickly. DreamHost was originally founded back in 1997. From that day Dreamhost has won many awards for their hosting niche.

But how we concluded that. let see below in details Dreamhost review. You will be so amazed to read that.

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Dreamhost review

Pros & Cons of Dreamhost Hosting - Dreamhost Review

  • Instant WordPress Setup – 1 Click WordPress install without any headache
  • Auto WordPress Updates – WordPress comes with Dreamhost pre-configured and will handle all automatic WordPress install.
  • 24/7 Award-Winning Support – In-house WordPress expert with U.S chat support system available.
  • Free Privacy Protection – Many Webhost charges for privacy protection package but it does in the case of Dreamhost
  • Automated Backups – No more tension about backups daily easy backups with every plan
  • Free SSL Certificate – Now make your site more secure, stable and remain in google up the ranking.
  • Recommended by WordPress.org – Dreamhost is one of 3 top recommendations by WordPress.org
  • 97 Days Refund Policy – Industry-leading 97 days money-back guarantee and ranks #1 in hosting niche in the refund policy.
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee – Users will 100% Uptime guarantee, so no need to worry about your site once hosted on Dreamhost.
dreamhost review
Dreamhost Review
  • WordPress Shared Hosting – WordPress shared hosting plans are cheaper as compared to managed hosting
  • Shared WordPress – Shared hosting plans are some lack of features

Dreamhost Overview, Speed & Performance, Technology - Dreamhost Review from top to bottom

1. Overview

Dreamhost is one of the most suggested WordPress facilitating organizations for Hosting and one of top 3 recommendations by WordPress officials. In crowded hosting niche, Dreamhost hosting is in this business since 1997. From till date, this company touching sky of profit by giving users WordPress dedicated fast & reliable hosting.

Dreamhost review

Dreamhost has gotten so many awards until its inception for great hosting and user-oriented platform. Till their inception, Dreamhost has hosted over 1.5+ million sites over its platform. Over 750K WordPress installs recorded. 

Dreamhost review

PLEASE NOTE: Our observations like speed and performance based on hosting company original domain. We haven’t any magic to do that checks.

2. Speed

In term of speed, Dreamhost Hosting performs well. I have tested this on GTmetrix server and Pingdom server. We got Pagespeed score in yellow colour with 71, that’s also upto the mark, also we noticed that page with actual size 2.8 MB loaded fully within 1.43 seconds in Pingdom case that is great. 

Dreamhost review
3. Performance

Performance-wise Dreamhost is up to the mark and no doubt in response time also, no matter how big of you page size, Dreamhost will handle this and will help that to load in few seconds. We have tested this see below live results. in this result, We have gotten C(72%) benchmark in Performance and you will see and Performance score with rating B(83%)

Dreamhost review
4. Technology

Dreamhost hosting in term of technology has an advancement With high-speed cutting edge platform. When any customer buys hosting from Dreamhost, they also buy assurance with hosting. Till date, Dreamhost has hosted around 1.5+ Million of sites & 750K+ direct WordPress installs through their platform.

With their strong datacentres basis and keeping their server rate up to 98.88% up is not a small task. For the software part, Dreamhost uses a customized version of Ubuntu. Dreamhost custom Ubuntu installation allows taking full control of the stack that powers customer’s websites easily.

Some of the few powerful software & technologies made for clients in their catalogue.

  • Green Hosting from DreamHost
  • Balanced, highly-optimized HVAC plants
  • High-efficiency cooling infrastructure
  • Power-efficient processors used whenever possible
  • Automated Backups
  • Advanced, Easy-to-Use Panel

Hosting Plans (Features & Breakdown) - Dreamhost Hosting

1. Hosting Plans & Features

Dreamhost has 6 types of hosting plans in which Shared hosting, Managed WordPress hosting, Dedicated hosting, VPS hosting & Cloud hosting plans included. If you’re just starting out from scratch, then their Managed WordPress shared hosting plans would be an ideal suited your fresh install of WordPress, even you can use that plan for your any Application which you have to be installed and if you are looking for Exclusive Managed WordPress hosting than will be a great idea to choose that.

However, you can start with shared hosting when near future your site will grow you have to upgrade to the next plan of hosting that will be there. Let’s explore Dreamhost hosting plans and their features.

Shared hosting is usually recommended for brand new websites and beginners. it’s suitable for low traffic websites as you may be sharing resources with other websites hosted on the server. Shared hosting has two plans Shared Starter & Shared Unlimited.

Dreamhost review

Dreamhost is fully WordPress optimized version. It comes with in-house WordPress optimizations to boost the performance of your website. WordPress website hosting is fine-tuned to deliver superior performance, security, and provide best-in-class reliability to WordPress optimized sites. The different plans include i.e WordPress Basic, Dreampress & VPS WordPress. The bigger will your plan, maximum power to your WordPress website.

Dreamhost review

Dreamhost VPS will provide you with the ultimate power and performance for your enterprise. Increase your speed and security with Dreamhost SSD VPS Hosting servers. VPS plans are VPS Basic, VPS Business, VPS Professional, VPS Enterprise.

Dreamhost review

Dedicated servers provide you with a whole server for your website. it’s costlier but gives you tons more power. Dreamhost standard servers have 4-core processors to handle all of the visitors of your site. The downside is that you simply will manage the server yourself. Dedicated server plans are scalable and flexible with your expanding business. Hosting plans are of two types but they expandable i.e. Standard Dedicated & Enhanced Dedicated.

Dreamhost review

WooCommerce hosting provides you with a whole server for your WooCommerce store. You will get the extreme speed and guarantee uptime with this hosting plan. Hosting plans are of two types but they expandable i.e. Woo DreamPress, DreamPress Plus & Dreampress PRO.

Dreamhost review

A cloud server is a high-speed server for your growing business. In Cloud Hosting you can use that tools you love to use. Cloud hosting plans are of 2 types to start with i.e. DreamCompute & DreamObjects. DesignCompute is a unique concept plan for those who want to design their own server according to their need. With DreamObjects you can enjoy virtually seamlessly access to objects like you can use for that your web app development, can connect to your storage applications. 

Dreamhost review

2. Breakdown of Plans

Dreamhost have different types of hosting plans and every plan has own benifits included. They have different types of the plan of every hosting which suites to every customer according to their need and requirement.

In very organised way we have compared their all plans,. Check that all below.

Shared Web Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

VPS WordPress Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting

WooCommerce Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Conclusion: Is Dreamhost Hosting really worth to purchase for you?

Now after reading detailed review you might be wondering if Dreamhost Hosting is right choice for you?

About Dreamhost we have mentioned each and every concept of this hosting company. They have different hosting package according to user need with SSD servers, 1 click script installer, 1 click migration without taking your site down. One of top 3 recommendations by wordpress official. 24/7/365 chat support by in-house wordpress experts.

Dreamhost Hosting

Have made plan to go with Dreamhost Hosting?

dreamhost logo

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